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"Say that Again, Johnny Guitar..."

"Glaciaz or Glaciazi are large, purple-white, flying, feathered, carnivorous birds based in the arctic. They reside high on the frozen mountain tops, using their hyper-sensitive hearing and keen eyesight to catch the inkling possibility of prey, thousands of feet away. Glaciazi build their nests on mountain shelfs using their powerful beack and talons to dig through the sleet and hamper their eggs into a constructed coccoon to shield them from the bitter cold. They are solitary hunters for the most part, only during mating season in the attempts to woo another will the Glaciaz hunt as partners. Once both parties are more satisfied with the result do they become mates for life."
Commissioned creature concept illustration ‘Glaciaz for Dylan Glen’s D&D homebrew bestiary – The Beasts of Aracoa.

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